Date SS
Talk Big Boss (MC/MV/Songs/Games) Summary Songs Craft Absent
1 Sep 19 Simon Sheely Hannah Mathew PRAYER
Lk 11:1‑13, Lk 12:22‑24
MV: Clothes Line (see email from 15 July)
CHALL: Use chopstick to move items from one side of room to other
CRAFT: Prayer pail (see here:
8 Sep 19 Amith Mathew Hannah Mathew HYPOCRISY
Lk 11:33 ‑ 12:3, Lk 12:22‑24
MV: Circle Race (see email from 15 July)
CRAFT: mv cube
CHALL: Set up a themed obstacle course of objects around the room. Players have to go from one end of the room to the other around the obstacle course on a bath mat or towel.
Simon Sheely
15 Sep 19 Hannah Mathew Amith Mathew MONEY
Lk 12:13‑24, Lk 12:22‑24
MV: Arrange a verse (see email from 15 July)
CHALL: Set out like 25 cups, filling all of them part way with water. Put a sticker on the bottom of some of the cups. Players have to pick one cup at a time, trying to find a sticker.
CRAFT: Treasure Box with Luke 12:34. Google it. You'll find something!
22 Sep 19 Hannah Mathew Amith Mathew RECAP
Lk 12:22‑24
MV: Don't forget leg day (see email from 15 July)
CHALL: Fill one 2-liter bottle with something (Lucky Charms, Jelly Beans, etc.) then tape to another 2-liter bottle – players have to transfer all from one bottle to the other.
CRAFT: Draw a picture of your favourite story. Yep - scraping the bottom of the barrel here.