Date YTH
Talk Summary Tool Games and Capron Absent2
18 Nov 18 Martin Robinson What does it look like to follow Jesus? (part 3)
Mk 10:32-52, Mk 10:45
Tools: Going to Church
Game: Classic Youth Games (Fresh, stuck in the mud)
Capron: Mime
Martin Robinson Emily Blanch
25 Nov 18 Martin Robinson Roll out the red carpet!
Mk 11:1-25, Mk 10:45
Tools: Structure
Game: The Great Battle (with RPC?)
Capron: Obscure Verse Race
Martin Robinson Martin Robinson Emily Blanch
2 Dec 18 Luke Blanch Why taking on the Son of God isn't such a good idea, and a somewhat better alternative
Mk 11:27 - 12:44, Mk 10:45
Tools: Context
Game: Water Fight (bring towel, spare clothes, spare shoes)
Capron: Waterbomb 3pt challenge
Martin Robinson Martin Robinson Emily Blanch
Luke Blanch
9 Dec 18 Martin Robinson Stay awake!
Mk 13, Mk 10:45
Game: Christmas Partay
Capron: Youth Card Tower
Martin Robinson Emily Blanch Luke Blanch